Changing the world one voice at a time 

Minaa believes in using the power of her voice to spread the message of hope and healing. Her work as a mental health advocate, coupled with her work as a psychotherapist, empowers her to motivate others around inviting change into their lives, but also uses her voice for those who remain silent, or are unaware of the proper channels that can provide them with aid and assistance to overcoming their struggles.

Minaa has a personal journey of overcoming depression, anxiety and trauma and uses the power of her story to de-stigmatize mental health by starting conversations around this complex issue within communities and social structures.

Her work has been featured on platforms such as Too Write Love on Her Arms, ThinkProgress, The Praying Woman, and the UK based magazine The Voice. She is also in partnership with the widely known organization Mental Health America. Minaa has worked in diverse treatment settings such as Hazelden, a substance abuse treatment program, and has worked with youth and adults with severe mood disorders such as depression, bi-polar disorder, trauma and other complex mental illnesses. She is currently working as a mental health consultant, providing socio-emotional assistance to infants and toddlers, and provides counseling services to their caregivers and families. Minaa is available for offering mental health services, workshops, and speaking engagements. 



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