It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable enough to find help when you're aware that you're in need of it. There is so much power in being open and honest about your circumstances, and my goal is to work with you on identifying your needs, and I incorporate a holistic approach that includes resources to help you reach your goals and support your wellbeing. 

I specialize in treating depression, anxiety and parenting. Within my specialty I also treat addiction, anger management, relationship + family issues, grief + loss, trauma and PTSD, women's issues, self-esteem + self-care, and academic and carrer issues. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you want to get unstuck, find your purpose and flow through seasons with ease and self-confidence, then I am here to offer you a safe space to talk, unravel, and find clarity by working together.

My treatment modalities include Psychotherapy which addresses a wide variety of issues and requires a deep exploration of your inner self. You will uncover how your past experiences shape how you relate to yourself and others in the world, and you will break free from negative and self-sabotaging patterns. I also incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in my practice which is a short-term and goal oriented type of treatment that will enhance your problem solving skills. This approach is all about learning how your mind and negative thoughts affect your moods and behaviors. If you change the way you think you will ultimately change the way you feel. Outside of these approaches I also conduct Art Therapy for those who are looking for more of a creative outlet and as a Christian I also provide Christian centered counseling for those who prefer.


Coaching is a great form of treatment if you are looking for short-term goal oriented work that will enhance a particular area of your life. Maybe you are looking to improve your performance or propel in your relationships, job, academia, or you want to enhance your self-esteem, discover your passion + purpose, or gain clarity and insight, on how to live as your best self. If so, then coaching could be an option of you. 

As a coach, I am not using an independent coaching certificate but I use my professional skills as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I prefer this method of treatment when it comes to coaching because it aims to challenge debilitating beliefs and detrimental thought cycles. Our work together will teach you how to unlearn negative thought patterns and learn new ways to perceive your circumstances while increasing your self-esteem and self-assraunce.

If you are looking for long-term treatment that focuses on healing deep wounds and past experiences then Psychotherapy is the best treatment method for your existing problem. 

Values + FAQ's

I believe in creating a space where my clients feel heard, valued and accepted for who they are without judgement or condemnation. My desire is to sit with you in your story and make you as comfortable as possibly as we bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Therapy has a heavy negative stereotype and stigma attached to it but it's truly a phenomenal experience when you do it with someone who is qualified to meet your needs. I look forward to our work together.

How much are you sessions?

  • $125 per individual session
  • $150 per family/couples session

Do you accept insurance?

I am not enrolled on any insurance plans which means I only accept cash, check or credit card payment. However, I am Out of Network which means your insurance company may provide you with full or partial reimbursement of the fees that you pay me. Please contact your insurance provider to see if you qualify for Out of Network benefits.

How long is each session?

Sessions are 45 minutes max. 

Therapy is expensive. Is it worth it?

Therapy may be a financial commitment but it is also a life changing investment that equips you with the tools that you need to foster a better life for yourself and includes quality and care. It should be thought of as a form of self-care, where you learn how to assess what your needs are and become aware of all the bad habits, cycles and negative thought patterns, that are hinderances to your growth. When therapy is a commitment in your life you learn how to approach your lifestyle from a minimalistic point of view, which teaches you how to invest less in things that are not fruitful or simply take up space in your life, and you learn that the greatest investment is the one that you make within yourself. 

Does therapy really work?

Before we begin our services together I require a 15 minute telephone consultation to assess what your needs are and for you to express your questions or concerns. Therapy works when there is trust and an openness to exploring a new approach to handling ones problems. Therapy is a highly useful and reputable service and these results are fostered through one's willingness and openness to change.

Am I only going to talk about my feelings in therapy?

Nope. I want you to talk about what your feelings do to you. Because often, our feelings have a way of becoming the ruler of our lives. We feel fear, so then do don't take leaps and go after the things we want. We feel rejection, so we purposely avoid creating new connections. We feel depressed, and we believe our lives don't matter, causing us to behave in ways that are neglectful of our growth and wellbeing. In therapy, your feelings are important, but through our work I want you to investigate who has the power in your life, you or your feelings? And we will work together on how thoughts, feelings and action correlate with one another so that you begin to not only feel better, but do better for yourself. 

Shouldn't i be able to fix my problems on my own? Or why shouldn't i just talk to a friend?

If you fell down today and broke your ankle, would you seek medical assistance from a doctor or would you go about on your own with an untreated broken ankle? Of course not. So then you shouldn't deprive yourself of needing mental and emotional first aid. Going to therapy is not a weakness, it is actually the strongest most courageous thing that you could do for yourself. It is a form of self-care and self empowerment. It's great to have friends who hold you accountable and that you can talk to about your concerns, but seeking professional advice leaves room for greater care and decreases feelings of shame and self-judgment. 


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