Are you struggling with identifying your values? Creating self-care practices? Or even with personal development and setting intentions? Do you often find it hard to stay motivated or on task? Maybe your mind is flooded with thoughts and impacts your ability to concentrate? You might be someone who wants to understand your purpose but there are things from your past that might be getting in the way of you living your best life. No need to look any further, you've come to the right place.

I specialize in treating depression and anxiety. And within my specialty I also treat relationship + family issues, grief + loss, trauma, women's issues, self-esteem + self-care, and academic + career issues, and I can support you through life transitions. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you want to get unstuck, find your purpose and flow through seasons with ease and self-confidence, then I am here to offer you a safe space to talk, unravel, and find clarity by working together.

My treatment modality includes Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, which addresses a wide variety of issues and requires a deep exploration of your inner self. You will uncover how your past experiences shape how you relate to yourself and others in the world, and you will break free from negative and self-sabotaging patterns. I firmly believe that If you change the way you think you will ultimately change the way you feel. As a published author and writer, I also incorporate journaling and creating writing as a treatment approach for those who are interested in utilizing creativity as a therapeutic tool. And as a Christian, I also provide Christian centered counseling for those who prefer.


108-18 Queens Boulevard Suite 904 

Forest Hills, NY 11375

Subway: E, F, M & R train to 71st Ave

Bus: Q23, Q60, Q64, QM11, QM12, QM18

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