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Craftcation Conference

  • Ventura Beach Marriott 2055 East Harbor Boulevard Ventura, CA, 93001 United States (map)

Join me as I teach three different workshops on self-care, resilience, overcoming trauma and past pain at Craftcation: Business + Makers Conference, an annual life-changing four-day event featuring industry professionals leading attendees in over 100+ hands-on DIY workshops and creative business classes. Here are the classes that I will be teaching:

  1. Crafting A New Story

    Imagine a vision board party, but for this workshop, our main focus will be words rather than images. You are the author of your story, yet somehow, as we navigate through life it’s easy to get lost in the opinions of others. So this is a time for you to re-write your story, reclaim your truth and learn how to replace negative thinking with positive uplifting words to encourage and build your self-esteem. This workshop is not only therapeutic, but it will enhance your mental health and wellbeing. It’s also great for those who struggle with anxiety, depression and trauma.

  2. Dear Self: A Letting Go Experience

    This workshop was designed to help you focus on growth and resilience, but first, you must be willing to let go of the things that bring you shame in order for you to make a bold step toward living a vulnerable life. This class is going to heartwarming but will require a large amount of bravery and courage. We will write Dear Self letters, addressing who we want to be, affirming ourselves and declaring our truths. We will also unbox our grief, and confront the thing things that we must be willing to let go of in order to live as our best selves. We will then write Letting Go letters, which will be read aloud then crumpled up and thrown into the Letting Go Box. In the end, we will say goodbye to our fears and worries, and as a community, we will support and uplift one another as we move forward in our journeys.

  3. The Vision Board Journal

    This work shop is great for managing mental health and is a great self-care tool. We will create a vision board but within a journal. In our journals, we will also leave room for writing prompts that will focus on self-development and self-discovery. We will write out our goals, what we are thankful for, ways we want to improve ourselves, confront the things we are afraid of and more. If you are interested in creative tools for inner healing, this workshop is definitely for you!

Earlier Event: October 23
Write to Heal