3 Ways To Learn How to Embrace Change

Years ago my life was a complete mess. I was super depressed, on sleeping pills, taking anti-depressants and super anxious about the trajectory of my life. I did not trust myself, nor did I trust where I was going. The only thing that I knew in the depths of my heart was that things in my life needed to change.

It all felt scary. I was so dependent on medicating myself and normalizing my dysfunction that the idea of coming out of my darkness was frightening despite the fact that I knew I needed to do better for myself. I look back at that moment in my life, including many other moments when I made a choice to remain the same when I knew that I needed to transform myself, and I ask myself why, why in the world would I give myself permission to suffer when in the snap of a finger I could also give myself permission to do better and to be better?

As I reflect on the process of change, I recognize that yes, change is scary, but remaining the same should feel terrifying.

It took a lot of positive affirmations, positive self-talk and extreme discipline to get me to a place of healthy living. I had to embody what it meant to show up for myself and take charge. I needed the reminder that I am in control of my life and that I have the power to transform with ease. Change is not something that should be feared or anxiety-inducing, but it is a natural cycle of life. It about cleansing and releasing. It is about creating an opening to something new and magical that could literally propel you into the space that you desire for yourself.

So real quick, let me talk to you about how to embrace change.

1. Fight the fear

Fear is a barrier to the next level that you are trying to transcend to. Imagine walking down your path, then all of a sudden when it is time to embrace change, you begin to notice what looks like land-minds ahead of you, that is what fear does to the body. It keeps you stuck in place, unable to move because it tells you that the next step you take will most likely sabotage + destroy you in some sort of way. You fight this by walking ahead anyway. Fear is really the face of the unknown, and where uncertainty lingers, comes anxiety, despair and all other types of negative emotions because we as people love to be in control. By fighting against fear, you break down that fictional wall of control and you allow life to shape and transform you into the being you were created to be.

2. Let go of expectations

To add to point one, we as people want to be in control of everything, and this characteristic can cause us to develop expectations as well as assumptions for how our lives are supposed to flow. I encourage you to surrender this form of thinking because it is mental slavery. The truth is that none of us know what comes next, and sometimes we have this vision for what we believe is best when our creator has something even better in store for us. Surrendering and letting go is a powerful act that cleanses the body and gives space for truth and opportunity to come in. This provides room for deeper exploration with oneself and gives room for you to grow in all dimensions.

3. Discipline yourself to say yes

If you've watched my YouTube videos, or read some of my other blog posts, you will know that I am a big advocate for discipline and that I can do without motivation. Change comes when discipline is in place, and that is because with self-discipline, you become more aware of yourself and when you are falling backwards into points 1 and 2. Discipline is the reminder that change is a requirement, that over-coming fear is a requirement, and that letting go is a requirement. You do not rely on motivation for any of the above. You do not wait until you feel good enough to do any of the above. Discipline begins with knowing what you want, making note of what is required to get there, and reminding yourself of what is at stake if you don't get the job done. And in this case, when you avoid change, you are risking, emotional + spiritual growth, heart transformation, physical transformation, career development and even social enhancement. 



1. What changes do I need to make in my life?

2. What are the barriers in place that are stopping me from making those changes?

3. How can I take responsibility for my growth and propel myself to make the necessary steps that I need to for my personal development?


Today, I affirm that fear has.......

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