Books That Will Change Your Life

I'm one of those people who walks into Target and heads straight to the book section to see what new books were added to their shelves and then I grab a copy of something that peeks my interest and I walk around the store reading the first few pages before I purchase the book. Book lover, isn't how I would describe myself, more so, book obsessed!

Since childhood I always had a love for reading, I wanted to write stories when I was a kid and then that dream evaporated just to come back full circle where now I am a self-published author and I am currently writing my second book which is going to be a work of fiction. 

Reading and writing played a huge part in my healing process when I started struggling with depression heavily some years ago. After I stopped taking anti-depressants and chose a path of holistic healing where I was being more mindful of the things that my mind and body were absorbing, is when I started to pick back up my love for books.

I am a huge fan of fiction I must admit, but I do own self-help books and I utilize reading as a tool for self-care and to gain greater introspection of myself. I love books so much that I decided to start sharing with you all some of my favorite reads that transformed my mind and expanded my thinking and level of self-awareness.

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