How To Make 2018 Meaningful + Worksheet

Paying attention to our feelings and the situations that induce the feelings that we feel can really shift and shape our inner healing and help us with managing our moods better.

In this video, I shared three tips that can help you with making this year your most meaningful year yet, and taking in these tips while utilizing a Daily Mood Chart can help you with understanding how you are allowing the external world to disrupt your emotions.

When working with my clients it's very important for us to pay specific attention to how certain circumstances disrupt their equilibrium, especially because I work with a lot of clients who struggle with depression and anxiety. A lot of the time we are not aware of how our thinking can either uplift or destroy us, and sometimes we need to write these situations out and challenge them so that we can recognize our cognitive distortions. 

I hope this video as well as this worksheet is helpful to you and helps you to shift your perception of the lack of control you think you may have over you emotions. 

This is also a a great writing guide that you can incorporate into your journal writing so that you are not printing this sheet over and over again. 

Try it out and let me know you thoughts. I will also be uploading weekly videos on YouTube so please head over to my channel and hit the subscribe button so that we can journey together!

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