Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions

As I was prepping to leave 2016 behind I had so much anxiety about a cluster of things that I couldn't control. I knew this, yet my mind was still wired up and I kept having to tell myself to be still. Now three days into 2017, I found myself getting stimulated by thoughts on things that once again, I could not control, yet I was allowing my anxiety to really overwhelm me to a point of depression and despondency.

For some years now I ditched the whole idea behind creating New Year's resolutions simply because I never followed through with them and to me it felt like I was just making a mere to-do list without depth or meaning. In my opinion, resolutions just don't work because people often focus on the surface level of the things they desire to change rather than exploring their ambivalences and getting to the root of their lifestyle choices + habits.

I am aware that when I am anxious I tend to eat unhealthy, I isolate, and I become more despondent. Making a resolution to be happier for example won't fix the root of what causes my anxiety. But being intentional about my thoughts, will make me more aware of how my fixed beliefs trickle down to my negative and self-loathing behaviors.

Being intentional about everything that I do is how I plan to journey onward as the days unfold. It helps to bring peace and drives out clutter and chaos. And it's an assessment of how toxic free your life really is and it builds mental strength.

I desire to live full and free this year without any reservations, so making a choice to be intentional about everything from what I think about, what I watch, the money I spend and the things that take up my time are important to me and is going to be a major part of my journey.

I encourage you to join me and make a list of intentions on a month-to-month basis. The goal is to understand that change takes time and it's okay to introduce the change that you seek into your life at your own pace.

What do I have planned for January?

001. spend less (do i really need this?) 

002. calm my mind with weekly yoga

003. quiet my inner critic with positive affirmations

004. verbally communicate to myself what my needs are in the moment

005. journal out my emotions

006. declutter my physical space (remove what is no longer psychically and emotionally essential to me)

Now as you get ready to set your own list of intentions I want you to consider these five things from the intentional living assessment that I created.

  1. Do I think before I act? (shopping, speaking,etc.)
  2. Am I living my life? Or, comparing my life?
  3. Do I examine how my thoughts make me feel or behave? (this is key)
  4. Is your space a toxic free zone? (physically and emotionally)
  5. Are you moved by what is meaningful or what's in style?

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