Minaa B.

About Minaa

Minaa B. is an author, writer, and licensed social worker. In 2016, Minaa debuted her first book Rivers Are Coming, a compilation of essays and poems on healing from emotional wounds inflicted by depression and trauma. Through art and creative writing, Minaa learned how to overcome her battle with clinical depression and she creates inspirational and uplifting messages that she shares on her platforms to remind others that hope is not lost and we all have a chance to re-write our stories. 

Because of her passion for self-care, self-love and embracing what is means to be human, Minaa's work has impacted many online and offline. She has conducted workshops on self-care and mental health for professional development within organizations, she was  a self-care panelist for the Women Werk Self- Care Conference, and she led a workshop on self-care for Harvard University's Black Health Matters Conference. Minaa's work and knowledge around mental health is also attributed to her Master's degree in Social Work that she obtained from New York University and she is a licensed psychotherapist who works in private practice and treats client with complex mental illnesses, as well as those who want to focus on self-care, personal development and guidance through life transitions. Minaa was born and raised in Queens NYC, and that is where she currently practices as a therapist and is always taking on new clients. 

Being committed to mental health is not only a professional choice for Minaa but it applies to her practice of self-care, learning the importance of knowing how to advocate for yourself, and being educated on systems and interventions that can bring forth healing. Minaa's goal is to offer hope to those who's stories have been erased and their voices made silent. She compels her audience to reflect and think in ways that empowers them and she is a motivator for change and advocator for healing.

When Minaa is not writing for her website or working as a consultant doing psychotherapy, she is freelance writing for the Huffington Post and Conscious Magazine, and she is also running her all natural skin care shop Sunday Mornings