Minaa B.
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Minaa B. is an author, writer, creative expressive coach and licensed social worker. In 2016, Minaa debuted her first book Rivers Are Coming, a compilation of essays and poems on healing from emotional wounds inflicted by depression and trauma. Through art and creative writing, Minaa learned how to overcome her battle with clinical depression and she applies her creative insight to the work she does with her clients.

Minaa's work and knowledge around mental health is also attributed to her Master's degree in Social Work that she obtained from New York University. Being committed to mental health is not only a professional choice for Minaa but it applies to her practice of self-care, learning the importance of knowing how to advocate for yourself, and being educated on systems and interventions that can bring forth healing. Minaa's goal is to offer hope to those who's stories have been erased and their voices made silent. She is a motivator for change and advocator for healing.

On the days when Minaa is not working with clients she is currently writing her first novel and recommending her favorite fiction reads for her bookclub, The Literary Social.

The Literary Social

The Literary Social is a fiction based bookclub for avid readers and aspiring authors. This social club is a place to build community and discuss the richness of the literary world. We read books, review books, but we also write books and this is a place for enhanced discussion regarding the latest fiction reads, while also sharing tips and resources for those who are aspiring novelists.